Meet the team

Alice Heaton

I have been working at Netuxo since 2004, and have been involved in the co-operative ever since — helping to create the first class, ethical Drupal development co-operative it has become. Classically trained, I have a masters in computer science, and worked in the video games industry before deciding to move to a more ethically oriented work place — developing Drupal sites and custom made modules. I usually identify as a transgender person.

Andreas Speck

I joined Netuxo in 2014 after a year of subcontracting. My background is in environmental engineering and I worked for more than 12 years at War Resisters' International as a programme worker. I have been working with Drupal for several years and have experience both as a client of Netuxo, accompanying development, and also as a Drupal developer. Additionally, I have extensive experience managing medium and larger scale projects and of working in NGOs and social movement organisations.

My interests include nonviolence training and social movement organising. I usually identify as genderqueer.

Ippy Gray

I have worked with Netuxo since our inception in 2003, tackling a broad range of tasks for the co-op. My background is in newspaper and web publishing and in co-operative development. I have been working with Drupal since 2004. When not managing projects, developing Drupal sites, or delivering training for Netuxo, I can be found out and about on my bike (a Genesis Day One — the tank girl of bikes — which I love … obviously), or digging my way to victory in the community vegetable garden where I live.

Loved and lost...

Barney Laurance

NOTE: Barney Laurance no longer works at Netuxo. His profile and blog posts are retained for posterity.
I joined Netuxo in September 2009, after doing a computer science degree at City University, and immediately after taking part in several of the protests against DSEi, the world's biggest arms fair. I took a year out of my degree to work in technical support and server administration for The Positive Internet Company, hosting websites on everything from shared servers to dedicated managed clusters, all using Linux and other free software.

I have been using Drupal since I started at Netuxo, and have experience of building sites using static HTML, HTML and PHP, and Wordpress before that. I'm on as bdsl and Twitter as @sorsoup.