Crowd funding campaign sites

One of Netuxo's long term clients - War Resisters' International (WRI) - has today launched a crowdfunder in support of one of its projects.

The Countering the Militarisation of Youth project is intended to bring together "activists across continents, languages and regions to discover how children and young adults are infiltrated by military values – and what you can do to stop it".

The 93 year old international antimilitarist network is asking for support to "get this network going: building a website, and providing technical support for the upcoming International Week of Action for Military-Free Education and Research." Netuxo is the website development partner, working on a PWYC basis.

Other sites Netuxo has developed for WRI are the organisation's primary site (WRI) and A Conscientious Objector's Guide to the International Human Rights System - a guide to help navigate the different international and regional human rights systems (CO Guide).

Please lend your financial support to this excellent campaign ... and help us get paid!

Thankyou :)