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Why choose Netuxo?

There are a lot of web development and hosting companies out there. So why choose Netuxo as your partner?

Solid, experienced, reliable.

Since 2003 we have been delivering projects from simple websites to complex multilingual web applications. You can rely on us to be there for you.

Your world is our world

Our roots are in social activism and the NGO sector. We are proud to be a coop and work with like-minded people.

Your partner for the web

Whether web or mail hosting, web development, maintenance or support - we provide you with a customised personal service.

Relationships matter

Our customers keep coming back to us because we build long-term relationships. That is important to us.

Take a look at the kind of projects and work we are doing in your sector and beyond...

The founders and current directors of Netuxo Ltd come from grassroots, nonviolent (but often very direct) activism, working on a range of military-nuclear-climate-gender related issues. In fact, Netuxo began simply because a conscientious objector and a feminist antimilitarist decided to work together to create a computer network and build a website for Peace News. With no budget, but some skills and a willingness to DIY, a seed was sown and it was not long before we started getting asked to help others do the same. Fast forward a little and, in June 2003, Netuxo was officially born. We've been working to support like-minded groups, organisations and individuals ever since.

Netuxo has provided hosting for a range of projects I've been involved in over the years. Knowing our hosting needs are provided by people from within the movement gives us peace of mind.

We serve our communities and are proud to do so. We want the peaceful, just and tolerant world you do - and we know these are not simply ideas but realities we need to live. Through choice and use of technologies and by trying, in our paid work, to maintain the same values we hold in the rest of our lives, we hope to encourage and support movement and practical change towards these goals.

We provide hosting, development and support services to this sector and count Lawrence and Wishart, FemaleArts, Housmans Bookshop, AZTheatre, PastPixels and the Left Book Club amongst our clients. With more than a decade of experience of working with clients from these fields, we have been proud to work with companies such as Zed Books, individual authors such as Cynthia Cockburn and, more recently, arts and music projects such as LlittleWeed Music.

Want to showcase your latest offerings, sell your books or tickets direct to the public, or simply find a home for an existing website or network? Get in touch today and let's see how we can help.

With Netuxo's help we have been able to implement a number of new features on our website which have had a direct positive impact on our sales revenue. The team at Netuxo are efficient and collaborative, and have a customer-oriented focus which means our needs and goals are at the centre of what they do and how they work

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Netuxo was founded as a workers co-op back in 2003. (see About page for a bit more about our history). Since then we have worked with more than 100 different groups and organisations, including a number of other co-ops and social enterprises.

We are proud to be a worker co-operative, and Netuxo is a member of Co-operatives UK, the British member organisation of Cooperatives Europe.

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We demonstrate a practical implementation for our Principle Six obligation (co-operation amongst co-operatives) by offering special discounts to other registered co-ops and social enterprises.

Our special offers for any co-operative which is a member of one of the European member organisations of Cooperatives Europe or of the International Co-operative Alliance are:

  • One year's free website hosting for all new Drupal website development jobs valued at more than £1,000 ex VAT;
  • Plus one year's free implementation of Drupal security upgrades for all new Drupal development jobs valued at more than £5,000 ex VAT;

A 10-20% discount may be available for other services on application.

REAS Andalucía

Netuxo is also a member of an alternative economic network in Spain called REAS (Red de Redes de Economía Alternativa y Solidaria) and we extend these discounts to other REAS members (in the state of Spain).

Contact us for more information.

I love the fact that they work with other socially conscious companies, feels like the right people for us to be with.

We care for our planet, the environment, and other living beings (of whatever species). We are concerned about the un-sustainability of our present level of production and consumption. As a company we make the positive choice to host all our servers in a datacentre in Germany which is fully powered by renewable energy and try to run our business in a low-impact way and with a DIY ethos. Empowered people make better choices - for themselves and the planet.

We're really happy with our new site. It looks much more engaging than our old site and it is much easier to update. Thanks Netuxo!

We like clients who share this view, be that local veg box schemes, climate change campaigns, or environmental research institutions. Over the years we worked with regional environmental networks, climate activist networks and local environmental projects, and continue to host several such websites.

As queer identified people, we know where you're coming from. Don't want to explain again and again why providing only "male" and "female" as sex options on a form isn't enough? Worried about your web developer judging you or the content of your website, but happily taking your money? If you are a queer community group, campaign organisation or business, why not make sure your web development and hosting is provided by other queers?

The new site looks great and is easy to use. I really enjoyed working with Ippy and Andreas at Netuxo. They communicated clearly, kept on schedule, and explained things well. I also felt good about working with an organisation that shares similar values and ethics. I would certainly work with them again in the future.

We have been providing hosting and development services for some queer or diversity oriented groups, putting our professional skills at the service of queer causes. You could be next.

Its not all altruistic. Like the vast majority of people, we have to earn a wage from our labour and our clients enable us to pay ourselves a very modest wage. On the whole, our commercial clients pay a little bit more towards our wages than our non-profits do. We think that's fair and that's why we operate a sliding scale of rates.

We work for commercial clients, so long as what you are doing is in keeping with our values. We are very happy to count bakers, carpenters and psychologists and amongst our "for-profit" clients. Find out more.

We genuinely can’t recommend Netuxo highly enough. They somehow manage to provide what few businesses do; a balance of highly professional yet totally personable, comprehensible support. They’ve helped us out in a range of ways; from developing new features and providing vital emergency support to our Drupal-based sites, to invaluable web development of our Wordpress site. We particularly appreciate their positive approach, clear communication and quick response time, despite our many and varied requests! A huge thank you to Ippy and the team for the continued support.

Hear it from our awesome clients...

The team at Netuxo are efficient and collaborative, and have a customer-oriented focus which means our needs and goals are at the centre of what they do and how they work. The team is professional and dedicated, and really helpful when it comes to complex problems or testing new functionality for our website.

Netuxo helped us to develop a modern-looking website and we were able to bring together a large amount of material to support nonviolent activism - in multiple languages - in a very accessible format.

Seeds for Change works with organisations that are bringing about positive change in our world. We chose Netuxo to host our website not only because of their robust ethical and environmental standards, but also because, like us, they are a workers' co-op, organising their business in an inclusive and democratic way.

Max Hertzberg, Seeds for Change

Netuxo created – in a remarkably short time - a very special website that I had been dreaming about and working towards for many years. It was not an easy job, but it was a pleasure employing their clever team to do so much.

The development process with Netuxo was interesting and really got us thinking about what we'd want a site to do for us.