Jan Poživil

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I'm a long-term Netuxo collaborator and co-conspirator, focusing mostly on cross-platform front-end and Wordpress work, though sometimes I am the person who updates your site to the latest codebase.

Over the past few years I've been designing and developing bespoke themes and building front end applications, exploring Node and React .js and, more recently, RESTful Drupal. I've got solid background in Wordpress development too, with a bit of maintenance and hosting experience on the side.

Like everyone at Netuxo, I can spread my wings pretty far, but what I really love is making content look and work, beautifully.

If I'm not in front of the screen I'll be on a cross-country run or training in the local Kenpo dojo. With time and dedication I've got myself a black belt and I'm currently learning to become a sports trainer.