Ippy Gray

Ippy and Gingermum. That's not my dog!
Preferred pronoun

I have worked with Netuxo since 2003, tackling a broad range of tasks for the co-op. My professional background is in newspaper and web publishing and also in co-operative development and social housing. I have been working with Drupal since 2004. In the rest of my life I've worked towards the end of the military-industrial-patriarchal complex in as idiosyncratic and fun ways as I've been privileged to.

When not managing projects, developing Drupal sites, or delivering training for Netuxo, I can be found out and about on my bike (a Genesis Croix de Fer — the tank girl of bikes for places with hills! — which I love … obviously), or working in the veg garden, both at home and in support of the Comida Real local food project.

I'm currently splitting my time between Hackney, London and Las Alpujarras in southern Spain ... hanging out with an amazing dog family and a bunch of chickens.