Ippy Gray

Ippy and Gingermum. That's not my dog!
Preferred pronoun

I have worked with Netuxo since 2003, tackling a broad range of tasks for the co-op. My background is in newspaper and web publishing and also in co-operative development and social housing. I have been working with Drupal since 2004. In the rest of my life I've worked towards the end of the military-industrial-patriarchal complex in as idiosyncratic and fun ways as I've been privileged to.

When not managing projects, developing Drupal sites, or delivering training for Netuxo, I can be found out and about running the trail or on my bike (a Genesis Croix de Fer — the tank girl of bikes for places with hills! — which I love … obviously). Otherwise I'll be working in the veg garden or with the trees and vines and hanging out with our amazing dog family and gang of hens.