Netuxo has a modest, but highly experienced, team of three, who work with a known and trusted pool of additional web developers, graphic designers and user interface experts. Our core team includes specialists in Drupal and Wordpress development, server administration and project management. This enables us to provide a holistic and effective service that combines caring for and supporting our clients and their concerns, with creative design, engaging content development and plenty of functional plumbing.

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Ippy and Gingermum. That's not my dog!

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Pronoun: She/Her

I have worked with Netuxo since 2003, tackling a broad range of tasks for the co-op. My background is in newspaper and web publishing and also in co-operative development and social housing. I have been working with Drupal since 2004. In the rest of my life I've worked towards the end of the military-industrial-patriarchal complex in as idiosyncratic and fun ways as I've been privileged to.

When not managing projects, developing Drupal sites, or delivering training for Netuxo, I can be found out and about running the trail or on my bike (a Genesis Croix de Fer — the tank girl of bikes for places with hills! — which I love … obviously). Otherwise I'll be working in the veg garden or with the trees and vines and hanging out with our amazing dog family and gang of hens.

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    Co-ops - not co-opted

    For better or for worse and to a lesser or greater degree, formal and less formal co-operatives and collectives have been the structures in which I have always worked, whether as a volunteer or for-money.
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    Reflections on migrating to or from Drupal

    Over the years we have carried out quite a bit of migration work, mostly to or between Drupal sites, but also from Drupal to other platforms such as Wordpress.
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    Let's go shopping...

    When it comes to selling products online there are a few important considerations and decisions to make that will determine the best solution to meet your needs.

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Pronoun: they / them

I joined Netuxo in 2014. My background is in environmental engineering and I worked for more than 12 years at War Resisters' International as a programme worker. I have been working with Drupal for several years and have experience both as a client of Netuxo, accompanying development, and also as a Drupal developer. Additionally, I have extensive experience managing medium and larger scale projects and of working in NGOs and social movement organisations.

I like escaping for long tours on my bicycle from time to time (Latin America, the Pyrenees, ...). My interests include nonviolence training and social movement organising. I usually identify as genderqueer.

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    Non-Binary in Tech

    A necessary conference – but do we want to mainstream queer identities?
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    Migration from Drupal to Wordpress

    Even though we’d rather be helping our clients move from Wordpress to Drupal, we were recently asked to migrate a Drupal 7 website we built a few years ago to Wordpress. Whilst it made us a bit sad to see a good site go, we decided to bite the “olive stone” and we accepted the job.
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    Simplenews and the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

    We have been building a new module to integrate GDPR requirements with Drupal’s Simplenews module in a bid to make Simplenews subscriptions compliant. In this post I’ll outline some of the achievements so far - and also some of the remaining challenges ahead...


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Pronoun: He/Him

Mick is the one in the picture wearing a cap, beard and dark glasses, all of which conspire to conceal his natural ingenuousness.

The photo isn't very recent, but nevertheless, sundry chance circumstances of geography, history and other subjects have led to his sometime engagement at Netuxo Towers as a sysadmin and general nuisance.

He writes python code and likes to arrange data in neat columns. Other activities include gardening, mountain walks, guitar-playing, cooking and wondering if he's living in a simulation of some kind.