Diggers and Dreamers

We like making things - and making things work.

In our other lives we are activists, builders, electricians, cooks and gardeners. Sometimes we are writers, designers and editors too. Often we are more like digital plumbers. We talk, we plan, we scheme, we sketch, we build (or plumb perhaps?). We like ideas and we like doing stuff.

At Netuxo we work with other ethical organisations, networks and individuals because we think that, on the whole, we care about the same sorts of things.

How can we be of service?

Web development

Build and extend with Drupal and Wordpress

Theme development

Consolidate your brand - transmit your values

Migrating to/from Drupal

A track record of rock solid migrations

Support, document, train

Get the most out of your website

Drupal and Wordpress Updates

Fostering long-term relationships

Web and mail hosting

Mailboxes, vhosts and managed servers