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Web and mail hosting

Mailboxes, vhosts and managed servers

We provide shared web and mail hosting, along with managed servers for those with greater performance or security requirements. In addition, we can offer our hosting clients a low-cost, non-Google, analytics service (Matomo) and no-cost* SSL certificates (from Let'sEncrypt).

We offer a full LAMP stack on servers we rent from Hetzner in Germany. We picked Hetzner for a number of reasons including the better privacy laws in Germany, their use of green energy and their competitive pricing.

For most small organisation or individuals, shared hosting (where one server will host several websites) is sufficient for all day to day requirements (see below if you are interested in being provided with a server just for you).

We offer SSL certificates for all sites via Let’sEncrpt (for a small one-off set-up fee), MySQL database server with phpMyAdmin and FTP access, along with a range of php versions. If you need something different drop us a line to discuss.