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Get the most out of your website

A website can seem like an unfathomable "black box" that only "experts" can get to grips with. At Netuxo we want to enable our clients to make the most of the features their website can offer - and, in keeping with our enthusiasm for DIY culture and approach, we can offer support to help you do just that.

From answering simple questions about how to carry out a particular task, providing remote training sessions for how to manage day-to-day content administration, to writing substantial online manuals for more complex, function-heavy, sites, we can help you.

Its very common to have staff changes and without good documentation, good handover or training, organisations can easily lose their institutional memory of how to use all the features of their websites or web applications. This often results in frustration and annoyance, as new users are unable to understand or use their existing systems, and sometimes leads to the wholesale abandonment of sites in favour of something "easier".

We think this is like throwing the baby out with the bath water.

Rather than ditching a comprehensive system that could work well for you, why not invest in understanding it and using it to your advantage?


In our experience, short training sessions targeting particular tasks or use-cases can bring quick rewards in understanding and empowerment. We can deliver individual tailored sessions, or series of sessions, to meet your needs. We do this remotely via the popular Zoom, Skype or Jitsi platforms, including screen and file sharing and can usually work with up to a maximum of four users at any time.

Rates start from £70 ex VAT for a one-hour, bespoke session (includes preparation time).


Ok, we know it sounds a bit dull - maybe even not the best use of your hard earned/won/stolen cash. But actually, having a manual for your website - that you can edit and keep up to date when things change - can make a huge difference, especially when there are a number of different people working on a site or system together. Its not always practical to deliver training to larger groups, but everyone can read a shared resource. 

We can create a framework - and initially populate it with content - allowing you to maintain an online "book" for your site, with "drag and drop" chapters and pages covering a range of content and administrative tasks. You can choose who can view or edit your manual and grant access to only those users you want to be able to use or administer it.

Every site is different and what you need documenting may range in quantity and complexity but, as guide, we generally expect the minimum requirement will be half a day's work. Current day rates (7hrs) are between £315 and £400 (sliding scale), ex VAT.


We provide user support by email and phone or Zoom/Skype/Jitsi - generally on a "first in, first out" (FiFo) basis, but taking our customers' needs and priorities into consideration along the way. For every job we open a ticket, give you a job number and, where we can, some indication of how long it will take to resolve or implement and when we can attend to it.

Forms of support range from answering queries and creating reports, to installing new modules/plugins and developing new features.

Minimum charge of 30mins and then in 15-minute blocks thereafter. Hourly rates from 1 April 2019 are between £45-£55 per hour, ex VAT.