Migrating Sandhills departing Barr Lake

Migrating to/from Drupal

A track record of rock solid migrations

Sometimes it makes sense to change platforms, sometimes you want to create a site's content from another source entirely. We can help you achieve this.

Carrying out reliable migration work is predicated on good planning and the depth of experience in dealing with the range of typical challenges that arise along the way. At Netuxo we have been developing our migration experience a lot on recent years, some of it in Drupal <8 to Drupal 8 migrations but also in importing/exporting data to/from other platforms such as Wordpress and Plone, and even raw data in the form of csv. Many of these have been of multlingual content and where other relationships such as images or other files, taxonomy terms, and URLS have needed to be preserved.

Solid migration work requires detailed planning and is not cheap. We know there are various module and plugins out there, often for a small price, that promise to achieve some level of automated migration. In our experience these never cover all the required use cases, being unable to handle anything beyond the very simplest scenarios.

If you are looking for someone to develop a robust migration plan and an implementation that can be rolled backwards and forwards as new data arises, and that maps all the required relationships, we could be your ideal partner.

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