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Great! You’ve got a website and... oh, you have to look after it. So what now?

If you are smart you already know that your website needs to be kept updated if you are to take advantage of new options and features. But if you do not keep applying security updates on a regular basis you leave your site's code vulnerable to exploitation. This can result in your site or its content being hacked, taken down, or re-purposed for nefarious activities and clean up can range from "a pain, some cost, but doable" to "sorry, it is simply not cost effective to recover" and where your regular backups can at least take you back in time.

When new vulnerabilities are discovered in any widely used software, people create tools to maliciously attack them (yes, get a better hobby!). You can avoid this by applying updates yourself – there is plenty of documentation available on how to do it (like here and here). However, for complete peace of mind why not leave it to the professionals?

We can help prevent problems with your site before they happen by upgrading the software components (Drupal or Wordpress core and modules/plugins) of your site once every three months – and more frequently if and when any critical vulnerabilities come to light. In the process we will also identify and let you know about any technical problems we spot and deal with the headaches of rollbacks, incompatibilities, updating libraries, reapplying patches and so on. Existing clients already hosted with us pay a reduced fee as we have all the Drupal and Wordpress -specific tools we need to hand.

Check out a sample contract with prices attached below and contact us right now if you are concerned about your site's security.


  • We guarantee to perform the updates service at the stated intervals and cost, and to best of our professional abilities. However, due to the varied threat sources and opportunities and the speed at which new threats present themselves, Netuxo Ltd does not (cannot) guarantee the absolute safety and security of any website under its care.
  • Updates to Drupal or Wordpress core will be to the latest version of Drupal or Wordpress your site runs.
  • We will not update the your site to a new major version (eg migrating from Drupal 6 to 7, or 7 to 8) as part of this contract.


Typical prices (NB will vary with complexity of site)

  • For Drupal websites hosted by Netuxo: £90.00 per quarter
  • For Drupal websites hosted elsewhere: £135.00 per quarter
  • For Wordpress websites hosted by Netuxo: £45 per quarter
  • For Wordpress websites hosted elsewhere: £90 per quarter

Sites hosted by Netuxo benefit further from integration with our remote code repository and nightly backups.

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