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Qurna in the Sky

This bilingual, image-heavy site is the personal project of one of our clients and, in her words, presents "a large collection of photos of a now demolished Upper Egyptian heritage community, in such a way that grandchildren of ex-residents will be able to look at their family homes and those of their neighbours. The website was created primarily for the Qurnawi, although is of interest to all visitors. You can explore using a satellite map showing the various hamlets and family settlements, or enter the name of a property owner".

The site is very vanilla Drupal 8 with few significant customisations. Notable configuration was focused around multilingual content management and display and a Bartik child theme to support RTL languages (Arabic). A custom image map, linked to taxonomy terms in both EN and AR, provides unique access to results by geographic location.

More than 50% of the time spent on this project was in migrating from the original data sources (a large csv file and a folder full of images) into Drupal 8, whilst maintaining geographic and thematic terms, description and image file, in both English and Arabic. For us that was quite an interesting challenge and one which resulted in a simple but unique and content-rich website.

September 2017

Drupal 8


RTL theme

Custom image map

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Qurna in the Sky