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Littleweed Music

A simple, low-budget website built with Wordpress and the Iddly theme, to provide a home for the music and musings of independent improvisation musician camillacancantata.

Camilla has worked as a theatre musician, musical director and in many community music projects over the years. In 200 she co-founded Footloose Community Arts, creating work in response to environmental issues through acts of communal creativity and more recently, in 2015 she co-founded Terabac,a women’s theatre which focuses on the lives of insects. Yes, really. This has resulted in new songs, and a fascinating exploration of how and when insects make sound.

At Netuxo we work with a real mix of organisations and individuals, working on a broad range of environmental and social issues and in varied and interesting ways. We are very proud of our "family".

December 2017.


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