Laptop view of the B47 website

Bridge 47

Bridge 47 is a network, created to bring people together to share and learn from each other and mobilising civil society to do their part for global justice and the eradication of poverty with the help of Global Citizenship Education.

This EU-funded and EU-wide project required the quick development of a cut-down, feature-lite version of the website, to be delivered within the first few weeks but using the agreed final design. The completed site includes pages for each of the project partners, theme (taxonomy)-based pages for the main work areas, a custom search feature for the network’s resource library and a visual presentation of the ideas behind Global Citizenship Education - in the form of a dynamic “mindmap” which turns user-entered content into a dynamic, hierarchical, animated data feature.

Along with a quick turnaround, the project has high accessibility requirements and required several rounds of remote user testing with a range of users, including users of assisitive technologies. This is an area we are keen to develop our skills in further - the web must be accessible to all (whilst there is energy to power it, for anyone...) - and we welcome contact from projects who share the same values and are prepared to invest in improving the accessibility of their web content.

This was a relatively big-team effort for Netuxo and we want to say a very big thank you to everyone who helped bring the Bridge 47 website to life. In no particular order:

  • Nora Forsbacka and the Bridge 47 team for critical input and participation in remote UX testing
  • Jonathan Tawn for all the UX reviews, insights, suggestions and good chats.
  • Peter Cook ( for visualising and delivering the Bridge 47 mindmap, on time and on budget (
  • Emma Plunkett for paint-mixing and developing a palette of delicious, standards-compliant, derivative colours (
  • Stephen Caro for sharing his personal experience as a blind user in support of our accessibility efforts.
  • Sean Kugler for casting a critical eye over the accessibility work and producing a standards-based report.


December 2018.

Drupal 8


Search API

Provides access to the network via "Partner" pages

Custom resource library search

Delivers high levels of accessibility

Bespoke animated data "mindmap" feature

Custom workflow feeatures