Use your Netuxo mailbox with Gmail to send and receive messages

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You can use the Gmail interface to send and receive message via your Netuxo mailbox.

This post steps through connecting your Netuxo mailbox to a free Gmail account using a browser.

1. Log into your Gmail account (

2. Click the settings wheel, top right. You will see this page

Screenshot Gmail settings
Click "Add a mail account"


3. Enter your Netuxo mailbox address. For this walkthrough we are using

4. Add the details for your mailbox (full name, password and settings as detailed here )

Screenshot Gmail receive settings
Leave a copy if you want the possibility of reading the mailbox via webmail or any other means that is not your Gmail account. If you do not tick this box, mail will be downloaded to Gmail and removed from the Netuxo server.


5. You will be prompted to confirm whether or not you should also be able to send from this address (mailbox). 

Screenshot Gmail settings
Click next to proceed


6. Add another address you own

Screenshot Gmail settings
Treat as an alias is the default and typically correct. if you are unsure, click to read about options.


7. Enter the full address and password for your mailbox. Default server settings can be found here

Screenshot Gmail settings
When you send mail for your Netuxo mailbox it will be relayed and authenticated via our mailserver.


8. You will need to verify/confirm the connection between your Netuxo mailbox and Gmail. A message will be sent to your Netuxo mailbox.  Log in to webmail ( and either copy the code or click the verification link in the message sent to you by Gmail

Screenshot Gmail verification
Check the message in webmail


9. Now, on Gmail's settings page you can see your Netuxo mailbox available to send and receive

Screenshot Gmail settings
Updated settings page


10. Incoming messages sent to your Netuxo mailbox appear in your inbox by default

Screenshot Gmail settings
See Gmail options if you prefer to file incoming messages separately for different accounts


11. Composing messages now offers the option to send as (from, via) the Netuxo mailbox

Screenshot Gmail compose options
Select which mailbox you should send the message from


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