Managing your mailbox settings with Roundcube

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Netuxo uses Roundcube (access via for webmail access to all email hosted by us. While we offer Rainloop as an alternative (access via, the following instructions only apply to Roundcube.

In our installation of Roundcube we have the ISPConfig plugin enabled, which allows you to manage some aspect of your email account directly from Roundcube. Here we describe how to setup automatic email filters using Roundcube (the same can be done via the Control Panel).

First, login to your mailbox at The default view is the mail view, and you have access to your account settings via the top right.

Default Roundcube view after login

Click on "Settings", which will open the settings screen. In the left hand column, you see the different settings you can configure from Roundcube. In the second column, you see the section specific to the settings selected in the left hand column.

Roundcube settings start

Now, to configure your mail filters, choose "account" in the left hand column.

Roundcube account settings

The available section here are:

  • General: this is just an overview, there is nothing to configure here.
  • Password: here you can change the password of your email
  • Fetchmail: here you can configure to fetch email from a different email account that supports access via pop3 or imap.
  • Forwarding: here you can configure to forward your email, based on certain conditions
  • Autoreply: here you can configure a vacation autoreply
  • Mail Filter: here you can configure simple mail filters
  • Black/White List: here you can configure your spam black and white lists
  • Junk: used to configure your spam filter settings.

Changing your password

Roundcube password change

To change your email password in Roundcube, click on the respective section in the second column. In the form, you need to fill in your current password (which you should know, as you were able to login to your mailbox), and the new password (twice).

Click "Save" to confirm the password change.

Fetching mail from other mailboxes

If you have several mailboxes, you can fetch email from your other mailboxes periodically. To configure this, click on Fetchmail in the second column.

Roundcube fetchmail configuration

Mail forwarding

You can configure your mailbox to automatically forward all emails to another mailbox. To configure, click on "Forwarding" in the second column.

Roundcube forwarding

Please note that settings will take a minute or two to take effect.

Forwarded mails will still also be delivered to your mailbox.


An autoresponder or vacation message is useful if you want to let people who send you emails know that you are away and won't respond to their email for a while.

Roundcube autoresponder configuration

The autoresponder will not reply more than once per day to the same email address.

Mail Filters

Mail filters allow you to do something with incoming emails depending on certain conditions. If a condition is met, you can either delete the email automatically (and thus never see it), or move it to a certain folder within your mailbox.

Roundcube mail filters

 The screenshot above explains all aspect of the mail filter.

Roundcube mail filter overview


Black or Whitelist

The blacklist or whitelisted is related to your customised spam filter. Blacklisted email addresses will always be considered spam, and whitelisted emails will always be considered not spam - with the exception of emails delivered via mailservers listed in spamcop, which will be rejected before they get to the customised spam filter.

Roundcube black/whitelist configuration

Configure your spam policy

You can configure your mailbox to use one of several pre-defined spam policies - if no default spam policy has been set for the domain by your domain administrator.

Roundcube spam policy