Mailbox quotas

Photo of a full mailbox


By default, all Netuxo mailboxes start life with a 2gb quota. Depending on the size of your package, you can choose to give some of the mailboxes a greater or smaller quota. For example, an office administrator might process a lot more messages than a trustee. With a medium package that includes 5 mailbox/20gb storage, perhaps the administrator needs 5gb quota, whereas the trustees can manage with 1gb each. You are in control of the quotas. See the linked article on how to use the control panel.

When a mailbox approaches the quota it will start to receive automated messages to alert the user. At this point there are several options and it is important to act as once the mailbox is full it will no longer be able to receive any messages. Here are some of the steps you can take to manage this:

Screenshot of deleted items icon1. Do some housework: Empty the deleted items, spam/junk mail, detach old attachments, delete old drafts and any other messages you know you don't need. Emptying the deleted items (AKA emptying the trash in some email clients), can always be achieved via the webmail interface at

2. Change the quota: if you have capacity, go into the control panel and give the mailbox more space. See the linked article for further details about how to access and use the hosting control panel.

Screenshot of control panel mailbox quota setting


3. Ask for more space or a bigger package:You can always take on more storage, and/or more mailboxes. All prices are outlined via the linked page and please feel free to get in touch with any questions.