How to create a new mailbox

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We use the ISPConfig ( admin interface for managing our servers and you can use a cut-down version to manage your web and mail hosting services with Netuxo.

This tutorial explains how to create a new mailbox for your domain using ISPConfig.

You will need to login with your customer account credentials. These were supplied by us when we created your hosting package. If you no longer have them, please contact us using our secure contact form at (use the "encrypt and send" option) - you can copy and paste this message, filling in the : "Dear Netuxo, I have lost my customer account credentials for ISPConfig. Please can you send me my user ID and reset my password to: . Many thanks, ". This way, you know your new password and we do not have to email it to you in plain text.

Step by step...

  1. Login at using your customer account credentials;
  2. Go to "Email" - large icon and text at the top of the page;
  3. Click "Email mailbox" from the left-hand menu;
  4. Click the green "Add new mailbox" button at the top of the page;
  5. At a minimum you must give the mailbox a name, a password and a limit (choose something sane based on the overall limit for your package - so if you have 5 mailboxes and a 10gb total limit then you could set all to 2gb, or some more or less depending on likely use). Setting the spam filter to "normal" will provide some default protection. If you choose "quarantine" you will receive a daily email with a list of emails that are considered a bit suspicious for you to review via Roundcube webmail interface and either release or delete). You can experiment with this setting later to fine tune things;
  6. It takes a couple of minutes for changes made in the admin interface to be rolled out to the mail server, but you can test you mailbox setup by visiting soon after;

Additional settings (eg autoresponders, forwarders) can either be set here, via ISPConfig, or directly via the RoundCube webmail interface.
For general mail settings, see