Bulk mailing - acceptable use

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We know from experience that bulk mailings cause problems: some recipients are likely to report/mark the email as spam and some receiving servers will complain about the high volume of emails received from our server. We are also concerned about compliance with the EU's General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

Sending even relatively small quantities of bulk unsolicited mail from our server can have dramatic consequences - and not just for the domain which sent the mail (ie from @whoever.whatever). Frequently what follows is a reduction in the quality of service (QoS) - such as rate limiting and period-limited rejection - for all domains hosted on the same mailserver. Staff then need to invest time repairing the reputation of that mailserver, getting its IP address removed from global and/or service-specific blacklists,  along with communicating with clients in respect of the quality of service.

If you are a Netuxo client who wishes to send any sort or volume of unsolicited mail, we suggest that you either approach our colleagues at GreenNet for a mailing list: https://www.greennet.org.uk/internet-services/mailing-lists-email/mailman-mailing-list or set up an account with Mailchimp or any similar campaigning mail service for this task. These tools are designed to facilitate bulk mailings, allowing you to personalise emails and to deal gracefully with bounces.

Netuxo provides mailboxes and mail transportation - not a bulk mailing service - and we consider sending large volumes of unsolicited mail as being outside the terms of "fair/reasonable/acceptable use".

We think the underpinning ideas about mutual respect and how we approach a shared resource are clear, but if you would like to talk with us about actual numbers please do get in touch.