Bulk mail - improving deliverability

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Organisations of all kinds often like to send email 'mailshots' - newsletters, announcements and so on - to all the addresses on their mailing list, for example.

While it's possible to do this using an ordinary email client, it can be tedious, especially since one should respect the privacy of one's contacts and take care not to include the entire list of addresses in each outgoing email (which is what happens if you just send "To:" everyone on your list all at once), and so using a 3rd-party emailing service for sending mailshots is a popular approach.

A massive proportion of email on the internet these days, unfortunately, is unwanted self-promotional advertising material, and of course there are quite a lot of potentially damaging fraudulent emails too, possibly 'phishing' for private information or carrying malware of some sort. Various techniques then have to be used to sort the 'good' emails from the spammers and scammers.

One important method for doing this is the publication (using internet records) of information about exactly which internet servers really are likely to send the 'good' emails, and this can be done on a domain-by-domain basis.

If you have an email domain hosted by Netuxo, we take care to put these measures in place, so that any emails you send from your Netuxo account will be seen by the receiving mail-server (whoever you send to) as being legitimate and authentic emails from your account, and so they will be delivered reliably.

There is however a potential problem with this if you do also use a 3rd-party mailing service for your bulk mailshots, because that 3rd-party service might not be on the records as being an authorised sender of email on your behalf. Thus, using a 3rd-party email service can sometimes result in some of those emails getting filed as 'spam' by some recipients. The solution is to tell us that you're using such-and-such a service, and we can then publish the appropriate records on your email domain. Some companies, e.g. MailChimp, even offer an improved level of authentication (see https://mailchimp.com/help/set-up-custom-domain-authentication-dkim-and…) where you then tell your MailChimp account that it can rely on these records we've put in place, and apply full authentication to the emails it sends on your behalf. This definitely makes your mailshot emails look more 'genuine' to the receiver, in that all the various parts (the From address, the name and numeric IP address of the sending server, the address on the virtual 'envelope' of the email, and so on) are all integrated and in agreement.

If you use any 3rd-party email service, do let us know so we can try to make sure your emails get delivered reliably. If you think you may have deliverability issues with mailing list emails, you can even put us on your mailing list - use the address mailshots@netuxo.coop please, rather than the usual support address - and we will be able to see what headers actually appear in the outgoing emails your mailing service sends.