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We work extensively with this popular CMS and, along with developing new websites and applications, provide ongoing development and support for existing Drupal-based web projects.

We are members of the Drupal Association and try to support the community through contributions to the issue queues, including occasional fixes and patches, and are the maintainers of the Drupal 8 Social Post Twitter Tweet module.

Drupal development

With more than a decade of working with Drupal as a company we can build everything from the simplest "window display" to highly complex and demanding applications, providing custom functionality through the development of standards compliant bespoke modules and quality bespoke themes.

Visit our Web development and Theme development pages.

Drupal migrations

In recent years we have been developing our expertise in migrating content and functionality between major Drupal versions (eg we recently completed a Drupal 5 > Drupal 8 migration) and from other platforms and sources (eg Plone, Wordpress, flat html files, csv input).

If you are looking to migrate your content to Drupal, take a look at our Migrating to Drupal page.

Drupal updates

We can help prevent problems with your site before they happen by upgrading the software components (Drupal or Wordpress core and modules/plugins) of your site once every three months – and more frequently if and when any critical vulnerabilities come to light. In the process we will also identify and let you know about any technical problems we spot and deal with the headaches of rollbacks, incompatibilities, updating libraries, reapplying patches and so on. Existing clients already hosted with us pay a reduced fee as we have all the Drupal-specific tools we need to hand.

See the Drupal updates service page for more details

Drupal hosting

We provide web and mail hosting services. Our web servers are configured with the needs of Drupal sites in mind and all our hosting packages are guaranteed to provide appropriate parameters for all pre End of Life major Drupal versions.

Visit the Hosting services page for further information.

Drupal user support and training

Everyone is on a learning curve and working with a content management system is like anything else, it takes time to become familiar with the ins and outs of website functionality and content management.

We can help you get the most out of your site by providing support and training. For more details, visit the User support, documentation training page.