Who made my pants? You did!

Congratulations to Becky and the team at Who Made Your Pants? for being awarded Social Entrepreneur of the Year!

This is a great project and Becky is a lovely woman, so I'm going to skip past the "uggh" factor of the award sponsors (complete and utter bankers!) and simply say that I hope their filthy lucre helps.

As a quick aside: There is a great tradition of using pants in protest. Tap "knickers protest" into Google images and, for once, from Pussy Riot to anti-nuclear activists via pro-choice campaigners and slut walkers, the vast majority of results are not pornographic but actually positive images of women speaking out about all kinds of stuff. Yay - go grrrrls!

I can also, personally, testify to the fabness of the pants (yep, I've got 'em on in celebration!).

This is a complete win-win - support a co-operative business with feminist and human rights values at its core, that actively employs refugee women, and help recycle some textiles while you are about it.

Basically you can feel good about lingerie in a way you may never have experienced before ;)
Go and grab some (no, not "a pair" ...) for the significant woman - or women - in your life today. It is not often I'd say this but ... go shopping!.