Wandering on and looking ahead

This summer we've been working on a few projects that we have felt very comfortable with. One of these is the development of a new site called "Lost in Samsara" (see their portfolio entry and visit directly here (offsite link)). The project brings together opportunities for grassroots fair trade, a local "shop" and the free exchange of goods and services ("The Wheel"). Founders Alessia and Marvi say that they "Needed to focus on what really matters to us and get the courage to change what we don't like. At the same time, we see this project as our way to break the samsara cycle of unsustainable production, a production that causes suffering for both people and the environment. We would like to start acting differently in order to get different results and 'Lost in Samsara is our contribution to a more sustainable and fair world".

The site was launched a few weeks ago and there is a live crowd-funder in operation for the next 40 days, so if you can support the women on their mission to develop the project further please visit their Indiegogo page - details below. Further information and registration for The Wheel (community exchange) can be found here.

Looking ahead

With Drupal 8 on the near horizon one of the other things we have been engaged with in recent months is early discussions with a few of our long-term Drupal 6 clients about the "end of life" for that version and the migration and/or rebuild options and opportunities that will become available with the long-anticipated release of D8. Over the coming weeks we will be writing to all our Drupal 6 (and earlier!) users outlining that end of life policy and the range of possibilities for the future.

If you are interested in the development of D8 and how close it is to a stable release candidate, keep your eyes on this page.