Three in a row...

My my, where does the time go? One minute its the grey skies of January and next thing you know you are bathed in the warmth of the summer sun :)

Mind you, we have not been slacking! Over the past few weeks we have arrived at the denoument of a number of projects that we have been working on over the past few months - all different, all with their own special challenges, and all looking pretty darn nice.

Here's a quick rundown ...

  • The Tescopoly Alliance

    We took on this partially redeveloped Drupal site last winter, with a brief to change and add some of the website's functionality, prepare and implement a new custom Drupal theme, and take it through to completion and launch.

    The Alliance website enables local groups working on supermarket-related issues (planning, workers rights, local shops, etc) to come together and have a web presences, share information and resources, and also to promote specific calls to action.

    Some of the trickier issues for us to address revolved around the geo-location aspects of this site. With the Gmap module under relatively heavy (re)development in light of Google maps API V3. I can truly say that I have experienced marker hell! However, all sorted in the end and it looks and works great - so a big thank you to the maintainers and the community contributors for another invaluable Drupal module.

    The site was launched in early May. See the portfolio entry with an overview of the development details here.

  • War Resisters' International: A Conscientious Objector's Guide to the International Human Rights System

    This guide provides help in navigating the different international and regional human rights systems that exist in relation to objecting to military service (yes! it still exists in several countries - see for more info).

    The main challenges for us were a devilishly complex relational structure, a complex custom search feature and complete internationalisation (something we still have one or two minor tweaks to complete). This required manipulating i18n and Views for most of the heavy lifting. In addition the entire content had to be presented as a "book". After a lot of trying an testing we ended up using the core book module, combined with various contrib efforts and our own custom work to get there. The results are pretty pleasing.

    In terms of the theme we decided to stick with something well-developed and accessible, so plumped for creating a subtheme of Bartik. Its worked out very well for this information-heavy, graphics-lite, website.

    The site was launched towards the end May at the UN in Geneva. See the portfolio entry with an overview of the development details here

  • Solid Carpentry

    And now for something completely different...

    A commercial carpenters, run by a good friend to Netuxo, Dmitriy Tolochko. SC have been delivering bespoke carpentry services across London for many years and Netuxo built the original site in Drupal 6 a good while ago. So, it was time for a face lift and a bit of restructuring for both sense and improved SEO.

    Graphic design and UI input came from Netuxo collaborator Vinatha at DesignQualia and theme CSS implementation from Gary at Solriche Structural work (functional and theme related), client liaison and project management was carried out out in-house at Netuxo.

    The site was relaunched in mid May. See the portfolio entry with an overview of the development details here