Interactive maps and local food trading

In December Netuxo delivered two new websites for two quite different clients, providing a good illustration of the range of different types of website and web application that the Drupal framework can support.

Local food works

The first of these projects was for Manchester Veg People - a "co-operative of local organic growers and restaurants working together to provide fresh, seasonal food of the highest possible quality" based, unsurprisingly, in Manchester.

This website facilitates trade between local growers and caterers, enabling the direct purchase of locally grown organic food - growers can manage their own stock and caterers can make regular and/or repeat orders. The site levers many Drupal Commerce features, along with a fair amount of custom coding, to provide a Drupal 7-based site that is both flexible and robust.

Mapping civil society

The second site to be launched was The Story of the Open Forum - an interactive, map-based website. The Open Forum for CSO Development Effectiveness is "a participatory space run by and for civil society organizations (CSOs) worldwide to improve the impact of their development work and advocate for more favorable government policies and practices" (see

This multilingual Drupal 7 site documents the consultation process conducted with civil society organisations in over 70 countries across the world in two years, with national reports and associated video content available from many countries. It heavily relies on jQuery to deliver and present the rich interactive features, combined with the usual rock solid Drupal CMS underpinning it, enabling administrators to effectively manage the content and the location of markers.

The corresponding portfolio entries for these projects can be found here.