Developing for community and campaign networks

I recently built and launched a site for the Network for Peace (UK) in my spare time. NfP are a Netuxo client (we provide hosting services), but as a loose collection of groups working for peace in the UK there was no budget for re-developing the very simple - and very elderly - website. I thought it would be nice to help out a bit and - as a Drupal developer by day - being a Drupal developer by night often seems to be the way to do so.

I think Drupal lends itself well to facilitating network communications, whether for campaigning or community building. While there are some obvious heavyweights in this field - such as Organic Groups - small networks, with relatively simple needs, can have sites built and deployed in a relatively short space of time using a handful of existing modules. Costs can be saved with the deployment of a decent off-the-shelf theme.

Check out the Netuxo portfolio for details of a number of more substantial networking sites we have developed, including the international, multilingual networking site for the International Action network on Small Arms.