relaunched during 2012 NPT PrepCom

Last week was a busy week! On Monday (30 April) we relaunched the website of the Acronym Institute - - timed to coincide with the opening of the 2012 Non Proliferation Treaty Preparatory Committee meeting in Vienna.

The Acronym Institute for Disarmament Diplomacy "was founded in 1996 by Dr Rebecca Johnson, and is internationally recognised for high quality analysis and strategies to develop and support multilateral disarmament and security agreements".

The site has been in development for a while and has a number of relatively complex features - all of which enable much improved access to the Acronym Institute's wealth of information, analysis, comment and resources on nuclear non-proliferation issues, and also enables the Institute to take advantage of a comprehensive range of communication media. See the Netuxo portfolio for further details about the build and feature set.

If you have even the vaguest interest in nuclear weapons, militarism, international diplomacy - or, perhaps most importantly, how people and organisations who are not the military and not the politicians are intervening in these international debate and agreement processes, then pay the Acronym Institute a visit. Right now you can read daily blogs, from the Acronym staff attending the Vienna PrepCom, see how the UK government and parliament is discussing UK nuclear weapons, take a tour of the map feature - which returns information and articles about most of the planet's nation states' nuclear status, or simply browse the comprehensive Disarmament Directory.

Personally I'm very pleased that we worked so hard on this project - it is an issue close to my heart and supporting the efforts of those working for a world without nuclear weapons is entirely in keeping with Netuxo's ethos. ps... I googled Non Proliferation Treaty Preparatory Committee this morning and pages from were returned as the fourth and fifth items in the results. Not bad eh!?