Co-ops UK Election to the Worker Co-op Council

As a Workers' Co-op, and a member of Co-operatives UK, Netuxo has votes in the current election to their worker co-op council. As part of the management of the national organisation that represents Co-ops to the public, as well as providing practical support to coops, the members of the worker Co-op council will have important decisions to make.

The letter co-ops UK sent us didn't seem to make it entirely clear what election method they're using, so I've been in correspondence with John Atherton at Co-Ops UK to get some clarification. I wanted to share it here in case it helps any other Co-ops UK members who may be wondering how to vote. John wrote "I think the closest is Bloc Voting which I think is a variant of Approval voting.", and gave a link to

As I understand it Bloc Voting, also known as plurality at large will work something like this:

  1. As co-ops UK tell us in their letter, "there are 6 candidates for 3 places … You can vote for up to 3 candidates and your votes will be allocated automatically".
  2. Each Co-op has a certain number of votes. For instance Netuxo has four votes. I think this is because we have four employees.
  3. We can vote for one, two, or three candidates.
  4. Each candidate that we vote for gets four votes allocated to them. If we voted for more than three candidates then our vote would be invalid.
  5. Once all the votes are returned to co-ops UK, the number of votes allocated to each candidate is added up. The three candidates who have the most votes are elected to the worker co-op council.

Of course if you want to check any of this then you should do that with Co-Ops UK, not with us.

Votes need to be in by 15 May. The six candidates are:

  • Sion Whellens, of Calverts North Star Press Ltd
  • Steve Dixon, of Anglia Home Furnishings Holdings Ltd
  • Lyn Hope, of Midshires Clothing
  • Bob Cannell, of Suma (Triangle Wholefoods)
  • Alison Banton, of Dulas Ltd.
  • Christopher Robert Tomlinson, of Birmingham Bike Foundry

More information about the candidates is on the UK Worker Co-operatives blog, as linked at the top.