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A necessary conference – but do we want to mainstream queer identities?

We identify as queer, have an analysis of gender and sexuality as power and are positive about women and gender non-conformists in tech” - this is what we say on our page about our ethos and ethics. I myself define as genderqueer, a non-binary identity, and have had some experience with queer or transphobia in tech (see the comments on this feature request for ISPConfig for example). So when I heard about Non-Binary in Tech, I thought “this is the conference for me”.

We were recently asked to migrate a Drupal 7 website we built a few years ago to Wordpress. Whilst it made us a bit sad to see a good site go, we decided to bite the “olive stone” and we accepted the job. This blog post explores some of the processes involved in meeting our client's requirements.

What does international co-op day have to do with gay pride and refugees? More than a thin thread of liberal niceties - a thick thread of value-based organising!

I wanted to share a series of short...

We have been building a new module to...