Placard in a demo "strong communities make police and politicians obsolete"

Ethos and ethics

At the core of our co-op is the desire to help generate positive change, both within our communities and further afield.

All the current directors come from within the peace movement and have a desire to help other small groups and businesses in using technology in a positive and beneficial way. This is why we specialise in providing services to NGOs and non-profits - especially campaign groups and other co-operators. We also supply services to small businesses and for local authority projects, providing the work is compatible with our ethos.

Our values

  • We believe workers should democratically own and control the means of production. This is why we are a worker's co-op, committed to practising our business in a fair and transparent way and are committed to the original values and principles of the co-operative movement
  • We believe in collaborative development that engages and empowers our clients. We want you to be in control of your technological choices. This is one of many reasons we are committed to free and open source software
  • We are committed to nonviolence in practice and in principle. We don't want our work to promote the concentration of wealth or power, structural violence, or damage to the environment
  • We  care for our planet, the environment, and other living beings (of whatever species). We are concerned about the un-sustainability of our present level of production and consumption. We need de-growth and to return to living within the ecological limits of our planet. Climate change, the depletion of non-renewable energy and mineral resources - and the horrific rate of loss of biodiversity - cannot be ignored. The web is contributing to this destruction
  • We identify as queer, have an analysis of gender and sexuality as power and are positive about women and gender non-conformists in tech
  • We are trying to build the world we want to see. How we work, who we work with and what we choose to work on is an important part of that process

Practising our values

We operate an informal sliding scale of charges, based on clients' turnover and funding sources, with larger NGOs and commercial work contributing a greater proportion of fees than small and unfunded groups. This redistribution of wealth enables us to provide relatively low-cost - and sometimes free - support to groups who would otherwise be unable to access such services.

Sometimes we refuse to work for organisations for ethical reasons. This may be a difficult decision to make, but it is always an important one.

We don't work for political parties: two have asked - and two have been politely declined.

We have made ethical decisions not to work for organisations promoting the interests of employers, for a religious organisation, an organisation with strong links to a political party, and projects that we considered to be a type of greenwash, a puff piece for the military, a local food project too heavily focused on meat production/sale, and a diamond-based business that couldn't tell us anything about the source of the diamonds.

We wouldn't ever work for policing or military organisations, but we're not really expecting them to contact us any time soon. Not about our work anyway.

Sound a bit weird and like we might not want to work with you? Rest assured we say "YES" to most people who approach us and we would love to hear about your project. So, if you are looking for service why not take a look at our client list and check out some of the lovely people that we have been working with over the years. If it looks like your kind of world then get in touch as, chances are, we will work for you too.