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2003 - 2018: Fifteen years of supporting our communities

Why Netuxo?

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Reliable, experienced, ethical.

Established in 2003, Netuxo has been building websites and web applications for charities, campaigns, research and community projects and other co-ops for the past 15 years.

Our motive for business is positive social change, not personal profit, and we believe our business model provides social value through delivering practical, open-source-based, support to this "third sector" on a sliding scale of fees.

Netuxo has a modest, but highly experienced, web development team which includes specialists in Drupal and Wordpress development and migration, server maintenance and project management, all of which enables us to provide a holistic and extremely effective web development service that combines creative design, engaging content development and technical functionality.

We also host websites and provide mail services.

What our customers say

SIPRI: website migration and redevelopment

Throughout this project Netuxo has been a professional, flexible and dedicated partner. We are very proud of and happy with the new site.

e5 Bakehouse: development and support

We genuinely can’t recommend Netuxo highly enough. They somehow manage to provide what few businesses do; a balance of highly professional yet totally personable, comprehensible support.

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